SAI Presents: Pretty Functional – Opening Reception: Friday December 14th 6-9 pm

Humans have been making functional craft for millennia. However, the meaning of the word “craft” began its ambiguity in the days of the industrial revolution where traditional craftspeople were replaced by machines. Since that time, makers of craft have successfully integrated with the world of fine art, yet in the last 200 years, some still try segregate fine art from craft art. Amanda Game, director of The Scottish Gallery so eloquently stated: “Craft is the knowledge of a language and its expressive possibilities. Shakespeare’s sonnets; Thonet’s bentwood chairs; Shostakovitch quartets: all can be described in terms of craft. Human imagination can use craft to invent freely in the world of ideas, materials and forms. Thus are the worlds of design, art, engineering, science and architecture all born of craft.”

Craft is an act of making. Craft is expressive. Craft is what makes us human.


Pretty: FUNCTIONAL seeks to promote an appreciation and understanding of craft by displaying works made in glass, metals, plastics, ceramics and wood. In an age of mass consumption of factory-made goods, it is easy to forget that some of the most beautiful things around us are shaped by hand and made from materials that have their own voice. All works in the exhibition are of the highest levels of craftsmanship from Pittsburgh-area artists Tadao Arimoto, Melissa Fitzgerald, Jason Forck, Adrienne Grafton, Jon Radermacher, and Michael Smithhammer. Also featured are Arthur Hash of New Paltz, New York and Tim Mather of Bloomington, Indiana.

Many of the artists will be present and most of their exhibits are for sale.

Exhibition Venue: 419 Beaver Street (former Chico’s Store), Sewickley PA 15143

Hours: Friday December 14th 6-9 pm
& Saturday December 15th 11 am – 5 pm

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