Quick Response: Digitally from Denver to Sewickley

Opening Reception
Fri. Oct. 28th, 6-9pm
The exhibition runs through Sat. Oct. 29th, 11am-5pm
541 Beaver Street
Sewickley PA 15143

Sewickley Arts Initiative is proud to announce an exhibition that is the first of it’s kind in Pittsburgh. ‘Quick Response: Digitally from Denver to Sewickley’, is a ‘virtual’ exhibition, in which visitors view only QR codes in the exhibition space and in store windows around Sewickley. The codes then direct the visitor, via a smart phone, hand-held device, or iPad, to a survey of contemporary art by Denver artists, originally curated by Eric Matelski and exhibited at The MacSpa.
As a complement to this group, three Pittsburgh artists, Lori Hepner, Patrick Millard, Hyla Willis, and visiting Denver artist Miguel Tarango, who are exploring the possibilities of this medium, are also featured. The square QR codes (left) that usually resemble small pixilated checkerboards are a tool fueled by advertisers and marketers with a desire to connect with today’s plugged-in and socially networked masses. Popping up everywhere from magazine covers, to CNN, to retail applications, QR codes are bar codes on steroids.
Now artists are re-contextualizing this technology, enabling Andrew Ames, Curator and a Co-Director of the Sewickley Arts Initiative to bring this survey of Denver artists (Ames is a Denver native) to Pittsburgh. Instead of hiring shippers to deliver truckloads of art, this way SAI can introduce the audience to the contemporary art of the ‘mile-high city’ via a camera-equipped cellphone, iPad or hand-held device and with no more ‘artwork’ than you can fit in a grocery bag.

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